Gerber’s Wedding

Dear Valerie, Thank you so much for helping make our wedding the most amazing day of our lives. When we first heard you and your band perform last year, we knew you were all excellent musicians. But your performance at the reception exceeded our already high expectations. You set the tone right away – with our first song. It was such a beautiful rendition, we wish we had a recording of it. Even though that song wasn’t part of your official repertoire, you made it sound like an old favorite. We can’t thank you enough for that moment. But, there were many more. After the wedding, many of our guests later remarked on how much fun they had at the wedding (some said they’ve never had more fun at a wedding), and this is wholly because of you and your band.. I personally have never seen so many of my friends and relatives pack a dance floor for as long as they did that night – and I’ve known them all a long time! The music you chose was fantastic. Based on my one letter, you nailed the type of music we wanted to hear. You played songs I don’t even remember seeing on your song list, but when I heard them, I thought, “oh I’m so glad they’re playing this” (the cake song comes to mind—it was the perfect choice). What was particularly impressive was your mix of old songs and new, going from Motown to disco to hip-hop effortlessly. You kept the party going, kept everyone on their feet, and even added special touches like the bride and groom “shout-out” and the interactive rendition of “Brick House.” But besides your professionalism, musicianship, and wholehearted dedication to creating the vibe and atmosphere that we were looking for, what we really appreciate is the wonderful energy and spirit that you brought to the evening. It seemed like you were having as much fun as the guests. And that joyfulness is contagious. It set the tone for the evening – turning a happy occasion into an unforgettable one. So, for that, we thank you and your band from the bottom of our hearts. What a wonderful way to kick off our lives together! With much gratitude and love, Julie & Craig Gerber