Goldberg’s Wedding

Valerie, Leading up to the big day we had expectations of how we wanted the flow of our wedding to run and the types of songs that we wanted to be sung. With that in mind, you took time out of your extremely busy schedule to listen to all of our requests and ask us the important questions. We will never forget it when you said “I am here for you.” It’s your day and whatever you want I am here for you” you put our minds at ease and allowed us to focus on each other rather than to worry about the little details that we could have gotten caught up in. Then, when the big day came, all of our dreams came true! You and your band are truly professionals in every sense of the word. You followed through on every one of your promises and more importantly, you kept the party going from the moment we introduced until it was to time leave. Your energy level is unparalleled to anyone else in the industry. Furthermore, the wedding had a great flow to it, which was so important. But what we loved best about you and your band was it seemed like you were having just as much fun as the guests. Your personalities and ability to adjust to the crowd was second to none. We also loved how you were able to play such a diverse group of songs from all different times and genres and that your voice sounded so well no matter it was. It is also important to note all the compliments we received both throughout the night and the following of our wedding. Some of the comments were, “where did you find this band: They are incredible,” and another guest came up to us and said, “I have been to well over 50 weddings and your band is by far the best I have ever seen.” And our favorite comment from one of our guest was,”I had the best time at your wedding, the band kept us on the dance floor all night. We couldn’t wait to hear the song they were going to play next.” Needless to say, we could never thank you enough for making our day the best day of our lives. With every little touch and every little way you made it so special, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! We are officially a part of the Valerie Tyson fan club! Love, Susie and Joe Goldberg