Annie Jules was born in Miami, FL on May 18th, 1988 and at an early age Annie began listening to all types of music like Gospel, Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, R&B, and Caribbean music. Music has always captured Annie’s soul and by the age of ten she began to play the piano by the ear and later took formal lessons. She also took  interest in the xylophone and the steel pan. In High School Annie participated in the marching band and jazz band, which performed at various colleges, festivals, and evaluation competitions. She was guided under her mentor, the Jazz saxophonist, Melton Mustafa Jr. In 2007 Annie won first place for a musical contemporary/instrumental competition in Miami and also won second place for the NAACP Act-SO competition. Later that year, Annie graduated from North Miami Beach Sr. High School. She continued her education at Florida Memorial University, earning a bachelor of arts in music production.While in college she participated in various music events and traveling to various places like Orlando and Brazil in 2009 with the Steel Pan Orchestra. She has performed with various bands in South Florida including a recording artist George Tandy Jr, Eric Stinnett, Dangerflow, Jay Smoove, Pastor Avery Jones, Jonathan Laurence and is also a member of an all female group that not only performs but they also write and produce original music called “Her Story” and she currently works with the Valerie Tyson Band. Annie is of Haitian American Descent and is very product of her heritage. She wishes to become a role model to everyone who needs great inspiration.